Appointments and Fees

Therapy is an ongoing process of self-discovery that unfolds gradually over a period of several visits. Usually, clients are scheduled to come in once a week, though sometimes more or less often depending on individual needs, for an appointment that lasts 45-50 minutes. As you feel better or get closer to your personal goals, appointments are scheduled less often.

We charge a fee for the time we spend with our clients. (We give you our caring and clinical expertise for free!) Fees for therapy are arranged in the initial consultation and based on each client’s ability to pay. Fees can be re-negotiated at any time. Although we prefer to be paid at the end of each visit, fees can also be paid bi-weekly or monthly; whatever is most convenient for you. If you have health insurance that covers our services, we will gladly handle all the paperwork necessary to file claims on your behalf. We are Preferred Providers for many major insurance plans. If we are not a part of your PPO, we will be glad to apply for inclusion so that you can receive the maximum benefits of your particular policy.