Healing Process

The learning and the healing that occurs during Psychotherapy and/or Counseling requires an active effort on the part of the client for the therapy to be successful. We strive to maintain the privacy of our clients so that you can feel comfortable sharing very personal matters and participating in the therapeutic process.

Psychotherapy involves letting your therapist get to know you. In the course of doing so your therapist will begin to say things to you that help you develop a better self-awareness. We will help you realize skills you possess that you can utilize to help yourself and to get along better with others. We will often suggest ways that you can test ideas or practice new skills during the time between appointments.

Psychotherapy has been shown to be very helpful. It can help lead to better relationships, improved communication, and a significant reduction of feelings of unhappiness or distress. It can help you resolve specific problems, or increase the range of choices in your life so that it can be more satisfying and productive.

You should be aware that sometimes clients that start therapy feel worse before feeling better. Psychotherapy sometimes involves recalling unpleasant aspects of your past history. Our job is to help you understand and cope with all of this in a way that helps you to feel better and have a better future.

Our staff is experienced in a wide range of therapeutic styles. Each of us has individual interests and skills. We work together as a team when different family members need different kinds of help. We are glad to coordinate our efforts with other professionals that might be helping you at the same time (such as your medical doctor).

We try very hard to protect the privacy of our clients. California law protects the confidentiality of communications between a client and a mental health provider. Information about our clients is only released when we have your permission. We will always discuss with you, in advance, how we want to respond to requests from others about you.