One of the most valuable truths in love is that you never know what you will find around the next corner. Try as we may to understand the peaks and valleys of romance, it seems that as humans, we inevitably end up scratching our heads. Fortunately, there is always hope and a deeper truth to be found in love’s game. I think Woody Allen put is best when he wrote, “The heart is a very resilient little muscle.”

I have often wondered where our souls fit into this grand plan. Many have asked me, over the years, to define the term “soul mate.” Defining this word coupling proves itself a difficult task. Most people’s understanding of this concept relates to their belief that in life, we all have one “true love.” I have heard many people say they are seeking their “other half.” Artists and poets alike have brought illumination to the subject through literature and song. Indeed, throughout the history of humankind, lies an inexhaustible fascination with the mysteries of the soul. Fate plays a big role in the hand of love as we search for connection, familiarity and destiny. We all seek a love that is “meant to be.”

According to karmic traditions, a soul mate is someone we have known in a previous lifetime. Our friends in the present are companions from the past. In Hindu tradition, karma is interwoven with the relationships and experiences you have with people in your life. Following this formula, our souls evolve each time we learn a lesson. Our purpose here on earth is positive work and giving of ourselves. If we act with good conscience and truth, we will come back in our next lifetime on a greater spiritual plane. Yet, theology is not a defining factor because in the global community, we all embrace different traditions and teachings. The universal truth is that we all seek love by joining with others, bringing along our individuality and our uniqueness.

I have fallen in love a few times, finding only one certainty: Love is an inextinguishable force. It arrives when it wants and departs when it pleases. Love manifests itself in every unique and wonderful possibility. The perplexity lies in recognizing love, finding the real thing. Finding a connection with another is not difficult if you heart is open. The “knowing” is the hard part. In life and in spirit, hope springs eternal and love must be a part of that.

Considering our fantasies and longings, we need to believe in the mystery of companionship and eternal love. There is no doubt in my mind that in order to find love, we must first believe in love. It is always faith, which delivers the answers. Hope springs eternal when we meet someone with whom we find that shared connection. A sense of wholeness abounds as we sail on the ship of love, destiny being our ocean.

Through years of personal exploration, I have grown to believe that soul mates are about more than the heart. I believe that a soul mate is any person who enters our lives with greater meaning and purpose. Our souls evolve through loving others. Our lives evolve though the paths we choose. Yet, I encourage everyone to make the definition of “soul mate” a personal one. What counts in life and in love is the ability to know individual truth. If you make love your journey, finding your soul mate will be the destination.


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Dr. Gnap

Dr. Gnap is a family practice physician and behavioral medicine specialist in suburban Chicago.  Dr. Gnap developed the Inner Control™ Program in 1970 and has worked with thousands of people to improve and correct medical, emotional, behavioral and learning problems including performance.  He started the Inner Control program because so many patients asked, “what more can be done along with traditional treatment methods?”

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