Therapist Profiles

David Britton

David BrittonDavid located his practice at the beach overlooking the Hermosa Beach Pier after being licensed in 1978 and was at the same location until recently moving to a new and larger office in Redondo Beach at the end of 2005. He works extensively with adolescents and their families, adults suffering from a wide range of personal problems, and couples with relationship problems. His specialized training in understanding men and their personalities makes him highly sought out in a professional community made up mostly of female therapists.

David is clinically skilled in a number of “cutting edge” therapeutic modalities and capable of utilizing his many talents creatively to best meet the individual needs of his clients. He is comfortable integrating many different and eclectic therapeutic techniques into his treatment plans, from cognitive-behavioral techniques to psychodynamic insight oriented interpretation. From hypnotherapy to play therapy. He is one of the first therapists in the South Bay to be trained in E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and T.F.T. (Thought Field Therapy). These new “power therapies” are very effective in treating anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Many people seek him out for help with quitting smoking, fear of flying, fear of bugs, claustrophobia, fear of high places, and many other common fears/phobias.

In addition to his clinical practice, David has been actively involved in teaching. He has supervised psychotherapy interns at several different clinics for the last 25 years. He was instrumental in bringing the Kid’s First program (as seen on TV) to the Los Angeles area. He has taught Parenting classes, couples communication workshops, and is currently a P.A.C.T. (Parents and Children Together) instructor at the Torrance Superior Court, teaching divorcing parents how to be more sensitive to the emotional needs of their children, and teaching them the conflict resolution skills necessary to get along successfully after a divorce.

David’s other clinical interests include working with clients that are depressed, anxious, phobic, victims of trauma, nervous, or stressed. He sees many adolescent clients, families, and couples with marital, pre-marital, or divorce related problems. Some of his clients have relationship problems with somebody at work, or find their work environment highly stressful and difficult to cope with.

David is the director of Associated Counselors & Therapists. He usually does the initial consultation with new clients. In this first visit he gathers important history and background information useful in “sizing up” a client’s situation. He then can make specific treatment recommendations about the best approaches to use, how long it will take, how often you should come in, and who would be the best staff member to work with a particular client (sometimes it’s him!). Initial consultations usually take from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Fritz Hershey

Fritz Hershey is a long-time beach resident. This self pronounced “waterman” loves the gifts of nature that the beach and ocean provide, and loves giving back to the beach community.

Fritz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Arizona State University. He has a Master of Arts degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute, and as an adjunct to his graduate studies, a certificate of specialty in Brief Therapies. His theoretical position is Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, augmented with an eclectic blend of other Post-Modern therapies. Fritz says, “This blending creates a scientifically rigorous, potent and direct therapy, that offers quick relief in a short time.”

At Associated Counselors & Therapists, Fritz currently
performs psychotherapy across a broad range of presenting
conditions, with an emphasis on couples therapy and anxiety
reduction using highly effective behavioral, experiential, and
skill training models, offered in a time limited setting,
including Anger Management, control of addictions, OCD related
behaviors, and Smoking Cessation.

The success that Fritz achieves with his clients has attracted a lot of attention (on a national scale) to him. He currently receives referrals from
many local therapists and clinics, including the Dr.Phil
television show, and has appeared on many television and radio
shows to demonstrate his techniques.

Around the South Bay, Fritz volunteers time to do group and
individual therapy with at-risk teens for the Beach Cities
Health District and Project Touch.

Fritz’s short-term orientation offers an excellent opportunity for healthy, interested individuals to seek positive self-growth, self-improvement, change, and advancement in personal, educational, career, relationship, and life goals.

“Come in and see him for yourself, to get more of the positive things you want out of life!